9 Jaw-Dropping Moments From AHS So Far


The eagerly anticipated, and highly secretive, sixth season of American Horror Story is officially underway. This season takes the form of a true crime documentary, and is already shaping up to be a nightmare inducing addition to the show’s already disturbing collection of past seasons. IT RAINED TEETH, for Christ’s sake, nobody needs that!

American Horror Story still manages to scare audiences in an age where we are all pretty desensitised to violence, proven by the fact that horror movies are having to get a lot more graphic and gory in order to instill some feelings of discomfort in viewers, however because we are able to tell ourselves that these scenes are fake they lose their impact.

So, how does American Horror Story still manage to scare its audience? This interesting ‘Guide to American Horror Story’ infographic created by MyVoucherCodes may shed some light on that. It dissects all five seasons so far, showing where they took place, in which time period and most importantly it shows all the real gory inspiration and nightmarish true stories that helped shape the horror we see on our screens. So just when you thought you were safe because the monsters on the TV aren’t real, they actually were and their crimes were just a gruesome as the show makes out!

click here to see the full infographic

Of course not all the scenes are based on real events (phew!), but the guys behind the show still manage to find new ways to shock and disturb viewers with every season. From Murder House to Hotel these on screen moments managed to leave us all with our jaws on the floor and, at some parts, with our hands covering our eyes.

Here are the 9 most jaw-dropping moments from the all the seasons so far:


Murder House

The Rubber Man reveal



Film and TV haven’t left us feeling this uncomfortable at the sight of a man in gimp outfit since Pulp Fiction. Rubber Man was a long standing mystery in the first season of American Horror Story, his first appearance involving the rape of Vivien, mother to Violet and wife to Ben, which ends up with him impregnating her with a demon baby.

In a flashback, taking place six months prior to the Harmon’s moving in, it is revealed that the Rubber Man had previously drowned one former resident (Chad) as well as beating and sodomising his partner (Patrick) with a cast iron poker, hands up, who clenched at that scene?!

But the most shocking moment is when the Rubber Man attacks Ben Harmon and as he is fading under chloroform the mask is ripped from the Rubber Man’s head, only to reveal that curly haired, misunderstood Tate Langdon was in fact the man (or boy) in the suit. Not exactly the brooding, ghost boyfriend Violet was hoping for.

The Self Discovery



It is very normal for a teenage girl to spend a lot of time in her room, which is probably why no one questioned the fact that Violet hadn’t been to school, or even left the house in quite a few episodes. Viewers were left believing that she was in an emo state and only wanted to spend time with her ghoulish bo’, which was half true but what about the truancy?!

There was no reason for audiences to suspect that something strange was afoot until the exact moment that Violet discovers she is literally trapped in the house in a Beetleguise type way, minus the sand and giant snake. In a fit of teenage angst Violet goes to storm out of the house only to find herself back inside the house again. Sure it is weird, but it IS a house haunted by decades of ghosts, so anything could happen, right?. Wrong. It wasn’t until Tate takes her into the floor space do we get a real shock. Violet is confronted by her own warped, fly infested corpse. Turns out her little pill popping stunt actually killed her and she had been a ghost since! If you say you saw that coming you are a liar!


The Dr’s Horror House



Phew! Lana escaped that hellish asylum and is now in the safe warm surroundings of the gentle and kind Dr Thredson, OR SO WE THOUGHT.

We cringed as we witnessed Lana’s torture in the asylum, from electroshock therapy to chemically-aided aversion therapy to cure her of her lesbianism. We also knew that Dr Arthur Arden was up to some sci-fi like experiments down the hall, so it was a massive sigh of relief when our protagonist managed to slip out and finally escape Briarcliff, with a little help from Thredson.

But never has an ulterior motive been so sinister. In Thredson’s apartment Lana is slow to realise that she is again captive, but soon the fog starts to clear and what does she see? That her saviour has a rather unsavoury hobby, creating items out of human parts and displaying them in plain sight, a lampshade made of human skin and a human skull bowl, for example.

Unfortunately for Lana, and the viewers, this was only the tip of Thredson’s, oh-so-crazy, iceberg. Lana falls through a trap door and ends up a prisoner in Thredson clinical death dungeon where she comes face to face with her former love, Wendy, lifeless on the cold tiles. Her teeth now decorating the infamous Bloody Face mask that Thredson puts on to torment his hostage.

Due to SEVERE mummy issues this scene gets a whole lot worse and fast. Thredson moves on from mental torment to full on violent, physical violation. Firstly to ‘deal’ with his mother abandoning him as a baby, he ‘breastfeeds’ from Lana, which is just… yuck, and then when she is in a dazed state he rapes her, planning to also kill her after the deed is done. Lana manages to escape only to be involved in a car accident and end up back at Briarcliff to see none other than her mental rapist, ex-captor Dr Thredson, back at work.

This whole scene was so crazy and horrific I am surprised people weren’t scarred for life. Every twist was worse than the last and kept viewers both in shock and disgusted for its entirety. Now go and hug your mothers!

The Asylum Getaway


After Lana lands back in Briarcliff viewers are constantly perched on the edge of their seats, they know that Thredson impregnated Lana when he raped her, and that they are both in Briarcliff… together. At this point Lana has a taped confession from Dr ‘Bloody Face’ Thredson which clears Kit Walker and hopefully get’s her rapist executed for his many, many crimes, all she needs is an escape.

As an act of what we can only assume is repentance Mother Superior Claudia aides Lana in her escape, with Kit distracting Thredson long enough for Lana to make her way out. Thredson glimpses Lana and follows her, making the viewers believe that she has been caught. Luckily he is too late and arrives outside the front of Briarcliff only in time to see Lana in the Taxi, pressing the taped confession against the window and sticking her middle finger up at him.

Definitely a tense, cover your eyes, moment only to end with pure badassery, Thredson’s undoing was more of a victorious punch in the air than a jaw-drop but the whole ordeal was quite jarring and kept viewers on the edge of their seat.


The Impaled Witch



In order to discover who is the next supreme, which is like a witch president, the coven undergo a test called ‘The Seven Wonders’ which is a series of seven challenges witches must perform in order to prove their power, with some fatalities along the way.

There is a break in the tension when the remaining witches play a game of tag whilst performing the Transmutation challenge, the audience settles into a zone of comfort watching the witches giggle as they disappear and reappear playing tag, then BAM! Zoe appears impaled on the spiked iron fence that surrounds Miss Robichaux’s Academy and dies! A game of harmless tag ends in the death of a main character without warning, thanks for that!

Luckily, these aren’t just ordinary girls and Vitalum Vitalis (resurrection) is also one of the seven wonders, however Madison refuses to heal Zoe, a fatal mistake (for her), making us think she was gone for good, but future supreme Cordelia steps up and saves the day.

The Blinding Mistake


Ever thought, ‘my life would be improved by being blind’? No? How about, ‘sticking these garden shears in my eyes is a good idea’? I bet the answer to that was a no as well, which is why we were all shocked when it happened in Coven.

In a previous episode Cordelia had acid thrown in her face causing her to lose her sight, at first she was obviously devastated but after a little time Cordelia learnt that with her new impairment came a new power, second sight. This allowed her to see what had been and what would be, helping her protect herself and the coven, giving her a sense of purpose.

This purpose is short lived as with the help of some unwillingly donated eyes Cordelia regains her vision but then loses her power, poor girl can’t win. In a moment of selfless insanity, we can only assume, Cordelia decides that her second sight is more valuable than her ability to see so she decides to drive a pair of garden shears through her eyes, and for this scene no shadow was used to suggest the action, we weren’t given black screen with noise allowing us to use our imaginations, nope, the creators wanted us to feel the dull force of this surprising act of masochism by watching it head on. If you were able to watch this scene without turning away or covering your eyes, you have a stronger stomach than I do!


The Magician’s Breakdown



Neil Patrick Harris’s character, Chester, was introduced as a southern gentleman with a passion for magic and a fancy for the unusual. He loves the Freakshow so much that he in fact purchases it from Elsa, allowing him to get his time on stage. However, in a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde sort of way this southern gentleman had a disturbing past and an unsavoury relationship with a ventriloquist dummy called Marjorie. Those things are never cute by the way, just plain creepy.

Still, at this point you believe that he could actually be a great magician, a little mad, but capable of performing tricks surely. In an exercise to demonstrate his skill he tries to perform the ‘Sawing a woman in half’ trick, with sweet, young Maggie volunteering to be his glamorous assistant, as part of her trying to make up for the harm she had caused the group.

Maggie gets into the box and is ready for the trick to start, right at the same point that Chester starts having a melt down. He calls her Lucie which raises some red flags but still she settles into the box regardless. Chester then begins to see his ex wife in Maggie’s place, along with her lover and his dummy Majorie.

At this point Maggie starts to voice her concern as she cannot bring her legs in, which is part of the trick, and before too long Chester gets to the sawing, accompanied by Maggie’s blood curdling screams until her head falls lifeless to the side. Chester still unaware of his trick’s fatal result and finishes by parting the boxes and spilling Maggie’s guts on the floor. Ew.

Despite it being obvious that this magician was not stable, we definitely all thought that it was all part of the trick. The scene is quite harrowing and takes the audience by complete surprise, it is actually quite painful to watch as every push and pull of the sword is so vividly shown and nothing is left to the imagination.

The Freakshow Massacre

<img class="size-large wp-image-563 aligncenter" src="http://www.ohmygemma.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Dandy-1024×572.jpg" alt="dandy" width="600" srcset="http://www.ohmygemma.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Dandy-1024×572.jpg 1024w, http://www.ohmygemma.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Dandy-300×168.jpg 300w, http://www.ohmygemma.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Dandy-768×429.jpg 768w, http://www.ohmygemma.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Dandy generic for premarin.jpg 1437w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px” />


With any television show, particularly a horror one, you can bet that at least one of your favourite characters is going to wind up dead. The creators of AHS however decided that in one single episode 90% of the main characters should meet their shockingly quick demise.

Dandy is fed up with being mistreated by the ‘freaks’ he so desperately wanted to be one of, so, in a true spoiled brat kind of way he decided that if he couldn’t have the ‘freaks’ no one could. This part of the show is very quick and quite blasé. Dandy strolls in with a hand gun and just starts shooting beloved characters all over the place! What’s more shocking is that Dandy shows no emotion whilst doing it.

I can’t be the only one who was caught off guard?! Honestly, my mouth remained open and my hands on either side of my face the entire time.


The Hotline Bling Shoot Up


By this point we should expect a shooting or two, but no, even by season five we are lulled into a false sense of security while watching. In this instance we are distracted by an intense scene between the Countess and Donovan after he has just killed her one true love in an act of jealousy, as well as being confused by the inclusion of ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake.

The audience is so focused on the idea that the Countess is going to slice and dice her former fling that what happened next was a huge shock. Into the room, interrupting this confrontation, bursts Iris and Elizabeth Taylor a gun in each hand, firing at both the Countess and Donovan, showing no mercy. The rest of Hotel had been quite tepid up until this point so for this sudden burst of action to occur was definitely surprising!

If you are now thoroughly disturbed just remember that the creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy were also the minds behind the glossy American singing show, Glee! Feel better now?

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