About Me

redheadOH MY GEMMA was started to keep me, Gemma, from watching too much TV.

I am your ‘normal’ 24 year old except not normal at all. In 2014 I decided that, due to American Horror Story: Coven, I would only wear black and it’s working out pretty well so far. My hair has been many colours but being a redhead suits me at the moment so, for the time being, it’s here to stay!

I am married to my beautiful, bearded husband, Tom. Together we have a gorgeous, whiny pup called Archie. Tom is the freelance graphic design genius behind my logo, visit Tom Flinders Design to see more of his work.

I am the type of girl who never leaves the house without make up, even when I go to the gym… not for any other reason than my eternal struggle with my skin, that and I love the way make up make me looks  like an actual human and not something you would find under a bridge in a Fairytale.

After transforming my wardrobe into a ‘No Colour’ zone I have been trying to dress like an adult. I know that sounds strange coming from a 24 year old but I am still convinced I dress like a teenager so watch this space.

Apart from that I eat way too much pizza, watch far too many films and TV series, am Disney obsessed, love Ramen and hate slow walkers… After this I bet you can’t wait to start reading, so get to it!

All products, including events and food, have been paid for by myself unless stated otherwise. I will always declare if something has been given for review purposes, and will label the post as such. Regardless, if I am reviewing a product or service I will always give my honest opinion (cross my heart). If you see an image on here that is yours and you would like me to take it down, please just ask.